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What is a code fiddle?

So you have some code that you want to try and and see if it works. Maybe you have a coding idea that you want to share with others? Maybe you just want to play around with a language without having to install a full environment on your machine?

There are lots of fiddles that people have put out there and here is a list of them. You should go check it out. You will likely find a fiddle for the language or platform that you are interested in.


Some of the most popular fiddles are made for web developers. They accept html, css and even JavaScript and show you the result. Even better you can save the fiddle and share the results with the world.


Some wonderful people have created fiddles for data and databases. These allow you to create tables and objects in a database. Then you can insert, update, delete and select data from these. Even better, you can choose which version and DBMS you are using. Finally, you can share the result with your friends.

There are a number of them available.

SQL Fiddle

For my series of posts teaching sql, I will be using SQL Fiddle. You may notice links throughout that show you sql that I have setup. Please follow the links and play with it. Make changes, see what happens.

Honorable mention

REPL.IT is not exactly a fiddle, but I find it super helpful as well. A repl is an interactive command line interface to a language and REPL.IT has made many languages available to you online, for free.

There are even versions with libraries and frameworks baked in

More information

Here are some more posts about fiddle sites

Have you created something with a fiddle? Please share below