Coding truck

The Coding Truck Arrives!

Hello and welcome to the Coding Truck! My name is Jamal Hansen, I am a developer and data analyst who wants to share what I've learned and start a conversation online about these interesting topics.

Also, I am a big fan of food and cooking so there is a high likelihood that the post will be infused with food metaphors, ingredients and maybe even some recipes.

But what is a Coding Truck?

That's an excellent question and the answer is quite simple. I already mentioned that I am a big fan of food and trying out new and interesting things to eat. You might have already guessed that I enjoy eating at food trucks. Here where I live in South Texas there are a lot of food truck options to choose from, each delivering a mouthwatering menu.

The coding truck is here

I also have a passion for data and developing and hope to share a discussion with you about these topics. So, before I get myself too far down the rabbit hole, let me say that the basic idea is Software + Food truck = Coding Truck.

What will be discussed here?

Another great question. There are so many excellent developer blogs out there with insightful posts on a wide range of topics. I'll tell you that it is a bit daunting.

I will start with SQL and relational databases, a subject that I know well and have given introductory training on a few times. Databases are used everywhere today and knowing how to create and interact with them can really give you a advantage when you are looking for a developer role.

Beyond that, we will see. I enjoy coding in Ruby, JavaScript and Python and have worked in a handful of other other languages. You will probably see these pop up from time to time. I have also struggled to become comfortable with functional programming. It fascinates me but I wouldn't say that I'm fluent in it yet. I've worked in Clojure and Elixir as well as functional aspects of other languages such as JavaScript, so you may see some of that here as well.

What tools are you using?

This blog utilizes Jekyll which is a wonderful static site generator written in Ruby. I'm starting out with the whiteglass and it's been great so far. (Edit: I've moved to Gatsby since I wrote this post)

How often will you be posting?

I am making a commitment to post once a week, but there may be posts more often as I am getting things started and building up some content.


I'd love to hear back from you. What topics are you interested in discussing? Do you have SQL questions?